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Bluegrass Guru is your favorite new companion for learning bluegrass song lyrics,

creating set lists for your gigs, and saving the day when it's your turn at the jam.


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Bluegrass guru is a powerful mobile app that gives you quick access to your favorite songs anywhere. It is the ultimate "fake book" for lyrics. The songs you care about are always at your fingertips. No more wondering what song to play when it's your turn at the jam.

Bluegrass Guru is the best song book you'll ever use. It comes installed with a list of 100+ common bluegrass jamming favorites you can use to build your own library. You can also use the powerful Web search feature to find thousands of other songs. Best of all, any song you save in your personal library is with you even at remote festivals in the hills when you can't get an Internet connection.

Do you perform on stage often? Bluegrass Guru has an upgrade feature to help you quickly build printable (PDF) set lists. Email your band members your set list and be completely ready for the stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't songs show the chords?

Bluegrass Guru is built as a quick reference to your song titles and lyrics. Just like many of the "fakebooks," available, chords aren't automatically provided because songs are frequently played in a variety of keys, depending on the singer.

Even though chords aren't really the focus of Bluegrass Guru, you can always edit your own songs and add chords. To make things easier, tap the fixed font width button (T) when editing lyrics to keep your chord notations aligned with the words.

How can I help make Bluegrass Guru better?

The best thing you can do is to speak up and let us know. Please let us know your loves, dislikes, and suggestions for the app. Create a support ticket and give us the details of your ideas:

The next best thing is to tell other bluegrass musicians about it. Show off your song library and set lists to them.

Is there an Android version of Bluegrass Guru?

Not at this time, but we're always watching to see the interest level and may consider this in the future.

When I searched the Internet for a specific song why were no results found?

Bluegrass Guru uses a sophisticated search system, but some songs are not available on the supported web sites. If there is a song you'd like to see or a site you'd like to search on, please let us know and we'll do our best to include it.

You can always add songs manually by typing the lyrics or copy and pasting from another application.

Where do I get Bluegrass Guru?

Bluegrass Guru is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store.

What will Bluegrass Guru cost?

The app is a free download with basic features available for everyone. You'll get the list of 100+ common bluegrass jamming songs (without lyrics) and song organization free.

A Guru Membership is also be available as a monthly or yearly subscription option and gives you access to these powerful features:

  • Powerful Web Search - find songs available on the Internet quickly and add them to your personal library
  • Sync & Backup - automatically keep your song library and set lists updated on all your iOS devices
  • Set Lists - create set lists for all your gigs and share them with your band as printable PDF files
  • Tagging - keep your song library organized with tags like: guitar, vocal, or instrumental

How can Bluegrass Guru help me with gigs?

Bluegrass Guru helps you quickly make set lists. Make a set list for your next gig and send out PDF copies to your band with just a few taps.


I installed Bluegrass Guru, but I don't see any songs in the "Your Library" section. Why is the library blank?

Bluegrass Guru is your personal library of songs. It won't guess what your songs are, but you can always add your own by tapping the '+' button. Better yet, if you get a Guru Membership subscription, you'll get access to the powerful web search options to easily find songs available on the Internet. Tap the search button at the top of the screen to try it out.


About Us



Boyd Timothy

Founder | Developer

Founder and developer of Bluegrass Guru, Boyd Timothy is passionate about bluegrass music. He loves to listen to it, play it, and help it spread to other people. His favorite feature in his car is Bluegrass Junction, Channel 61 on Siriux XM Radio. It brings him the sounds of bluegrass while rolling down the road. Boyd plays mandolin, guitar, banjo, bass, and a little fiddle. He'll choose which instrument to play depending on which one is missing at a jam or gig.

Boyd graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Computer Science. After a 10+ year career at Novell, he co-founded Appigo ( and released two productivity apps when the App Store launched in 2008.

With his background in user experience, interface design, and mobile cloud computing, Boyd has been handcrafting Bluegrass Guru as an exception app for bluegrass musicians and enthusiasts.

Boyd lives in Highland, Utah with his wife and three children and is also an avid cyclist.

Twitter: @bhtimothy