Bluegrass Guru, a Digital Fakebook for Bluegrass Musicians and Enthusiasts, Launches on the App Store

The new Bluegrass Guru app for iPhone and iPad makes it easy for bluegrass musicians and enthusiasts to organize and view their favorite songs anywhere.

HIGHLAND, UT — July 26, 2016Bluegrass Guru, an iPhone and iPad app for bluegrass musicians and enthusiasts, is now available for download on the App Store. Similar to a traditional fake book, the app helps people build a digital list of their favorite songs that can be referenced anywhere. Included in the app is a list of over 100 common jamming songs.

Build a personal song library in Bluegrass Guru

“I always wanted an easy way to get to my favorite songs when I’m at a bluegrass jam, and building a custom iOS app made the most sense,” said Boyd Timothy, Founder and Developer of Bluegrass Guru. “As a bluegrass musician, I’ve been able to learn so many more songs just by having Bluegrass Guru with me on my iPhone. It’s been so fun to make, and I hope it helps other people keep their songs more organized and accessible.”

The app provides the ability to add songs to a library that can be referenced later. People can tap a star button to mark a song as a favorite to quickly refer back to it. Also included in the app is a quick search, which gives the option to find matching titles on iTunes, YouTube, and Spotify for quick reference.

Premium features are available in the app via a Guru Membership subscription, including: set lists, song tagging, and synchronization between iOS devices for safe and secure backup. Set lists help musicians quickly prepare a list of songs for a gig or concert. Set lists can be shared with others in PDF format or easily printed to be stage ready.

Bluegrass Guru has been in development for over two years with a group of musicians using a beta version to help refine the features. The app focuses specifically on the bluegrass genre to give a best-in-class experience for bluegrass musicians.

Pricing and Availability:

Bluegrass Guru is built for iPhone and iPad and available on the App Store as a free download. The app includes premium features which are enabled with the purchase of a Guru Membership subscription. Premium features require connecting to a free iCloud account.

Media Kit:

A media kit is available on the Bluegrass Guru website and includes hi-resolution app icons and screenshots.

About the Founder of Bluegrass Guru:

Founder and developer of Bluegrass Guru, Boyd Timothy is passionate about bluegrass music. He loves to listen to it, play it, and help it spread to other people. His favorite feature of his car is the Bluegrass Junction Sirius XM Radio Station. Boyd plays mandolin, guitar, banjo, bass, and a little fiddle. He loves to play whatever instrument is missing at a jam or gig to keep the sound full.

Boyd graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Computer Science. After an eleven year career at Novell, Inc., he co-founded Appigo ( and released two productivity apps when the App Store first launched in 2008.

With his background in user experience, interface design, and mobile cloud computing, Boyd has been handcrafting Bluegrass Guru as an exceptional app for bluegrass musicians and enthusiasts.

Boyd lives in Highland, Utah with his wife and three children and is also an avid cyclist.

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Keep your song library synchronized between iPhone and iPad with a Guru Membership (premium subscription feature).

Keep your song library synchronized between iPhone and iPad with a Guru Membership (premium subscription feature).